• Joseph Fulkerson

Happy 100th Birthday Chinaski!

Man, time flies. I was 18 years old when a friend of mine introduced me to Buk. I instantly felt a kinship with this man. Here was someone who understood me. Someone who knew how to say the things I felt.

Who had the balls to live his life on his own terms.

What resulted from that was the most genuine voice I have ever heard. The purest words I've read.

For all his bluster and womanizing ways, his drunken escapades aside, he loved the word. When he sat at the typewriter to write, with Brahms playing on the radio, he was the man.

Getting to know Bukowski through his writing has been one of the greatest opportunities of my life. It has inspired and informed my writing and continues to do so daily. If my work has half the authenticity of one of his short stories, I would be thrilled.

Happy 100th Birthday Chinaski!

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