The Manchurian Mandate

The Manchurian Mandate

The Manchurian Mandate is a sociopolitical rumination on the state of affairs. 

~This chapbook is limited to a run of 50 copies~
 This is not about politics. 
Let me rephrase that: this isn't about one side of the aisle or the other. 
This isn't about Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative. 
If you think it is, you are missing the point. You may even be part of the problem. 
No, this is about not having enough of the right things and too much of the wrong things. 
This is about having our priorities misaligned, or more aptly having our priorities aligned with those to whom our best interests are not their priority. 
This is for all of those who work or have worked dead end jobs, minimum wage jobs, multiple jobs, to make ends meet. 

Those who earn their keep with the sweat of their brows and at the expense of their families, dreams, and health. 

Those on the frontlines, the back lines, and everywhere in between. 

This was written for the workers whose jobs have been deemed essential, vital even, to the day to day lives of all of us. 
We are Legion.
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